The Villain Of Destiny Chapter 38: Master Gu Plan! Release Date & Plot

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The Villain Of Destiny Chapter 38 has been on a conversation with its release date. The chapter covers the fight between Gu Changge and Ye Chen. Miss Su Qinghe is the cause of the fight because her father always wanted her to marry a strong warrior in the Taixuan kingdom.

The Villain Of Destiny Chapter 38 g fighting

The Villain of Destiny Chapter sees Gu Changge and Ye Chen come to blows. Changge has determined that Ye Chen is the one responsible for the death of her father, and she’s not going to rest until she’s avenged him. The two fight fiercely, but Changge is ultimately no match for Ye Chen. He defeats her soundly, leaving her battered and bruised.

Gu changge has a stronger martial art.

Ye Chen Talent is the highest in the sect, and he is the future of the sect.

Summary Plot

A cross-over character, Gu Changge, entered the world of Xuan-fantasy and began playing with the hatred value of an excellent protagonist and qi luck’s kid. Both the female protagonist and the noble guests received attention-grabbing treatment. Because your own sense of self-worth is greater than anyone else’s, it’s harder to step on a small piece of luck. Also, is this where we’re supposed to be harvesting different types of protagonists? Perhaps this is all part of Gu Changge’s plan to push himself even further down the path of being a villain of divine origin!

The Villain of Destiny Chapter 38: What Will Happen Next?

A fight between Gu Changge and Ye Chen. Gu Changge is determined to get her revenge on Ye Chen, but Ye Chen is not going to give up without a fight. Who will come out victorious in this battle?

 ye chen vs gu changge The Villain Of Destiny Chapter 38

Ye Chen’s victory over the villain was short-lived. The villain, who had been hiding in the shadows, made his move and captured Ye Chen. The other heroes tried to rescue Ye Chen, but they were quickly defeated.

Now, the villain has Ye Chen captive and is planning to use him to try and destroy the world. Ye Chen must use all of his strength to escape and stop the villain’s plan.

Previous Chapter Recap

In the previous chapter, 37 With the power of the dragon ball, Ye Chen was able to defeat the great villain of destiny. However, this is not the end of the story. There is still the matter of the dragon balls themselves. Without the dragon balls, the world would be thrown into chaos. With the dragon balls, Ye Chen will be able to bring peace and order to the world.

The Villain Of Destiny Chapter 38: Release Date

As the novel progresses, a great deal will be revealed about the conflict that is about to erupt. One by one, the kings, queens, and warriors will take their places in the spotlight. The villain of Destiny Chapter 40 will be released this week without a pause. The release date has been set for July 1, 2022. Fans will be able to read all of the manhwa’s chapters only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Keep an eye on The Anime Daily for more information on this.

Where to Read The Villain Of Destiny?

The recommended sites to read the villain of Destiny are Fanfox or Crunchyrol, Mangahua

The Villain Of Destiny Characters

The main characters of the villain of Destiny are:

Ye Chen is the talent sect in the Taixuan. His goal is to prevent Mr. Gu from marrying the Taixuan daughter, while Miss Su was the High Lord Princess. Each of those characters has details. Click on it to read more on stig wiki page.

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