The Wolf King: A Review, Recap, and the Release Date

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The Wolf King continues to be one of the best novels that’s recently been published. The release date was announced recently and fans are anxious to get their hands on it as soon as possible. Learn more about this amazing novel here in this book review, recap, and release date guide!

The Wolf King Review and Recap 

Set in Bronze-Age Great Britain, TWK is the coming-of-age story of Coll, whose father was killed by a white wolf during the annual sheep drive. Coll’s father was the lead shepherd, but now that he is gone, Coll must find his way as the new lead shepherd.

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Review for novels and manga version: To tell you the truth, the first time I ever read this book was when it was required reading for both me and my classmates in the sixth grade. (that would be roughly 6 months ago now). Very well written, with a really nice, easy to understand historical context, and a REALLY neat premise for a storyline taking place in history towards the end of the Bronze Age.

The Wolf King

And decided to read it once more… In hindsight, I have pieced this event in biblical history chronologically to be somewhere in Europe between the time of Noah’s descendants and pre-Abraham; it is comparable to, but perhaps a little bit later in history than the time of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. 

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Because of this setting, it is possible for any author to present a very interesting interpretation of the culture. Nevertheless, the author Anne Turnbull does a pretty good job of trading in the mysterious, magical, and mystical “dungeons and dragons” qualities that are present in so much fantasy writing of today for a straight forward highly engaging storyline of adventure and bravery. 

The characters are easy to understand (and the reader is not overwhelmed with 500 different strange names and places as they are in a lot of other fantasy reading) and they are well developed. Given that he is developed not with graphic detail leaving nothing to the imagination (as in a rated R horror movie), 

The Wolf King character himself is about as dark and menacing as can be, given that he is developed with suspense, which is a much more difficult-to-accomplish quality in writing and has been forgotten for a very long time. The events that take place force you to deviate from the time slot that you had originally allotted to yourself for reading so that you can find out what happens next… “Okay…I suppose there is still time for ONE more chapter.” I also really liked how the author was able to make the antagonist sinister and unsettling by relying solely on building suspense rather than making the typical countless allusions to witchcraft, sorcery, and spells that are so common in contemporary fantasy.

I reread this to get reacquainted with the very imaginative story that, when I was in the sixth grade, inspired me to want to get lost in the woods with my friends and try to survive off the land by myself. This manga, which was published in 2021, was shenyumanshe / Anyues first novel. Today, she is recognized as an accomplished writer for children and young adults. If I had to choose between this book and a Harry Potter book for my daughters to read in the not-too-distant future, I would choose this one as a more interesting and exciting fantasy. (Review by Aliens)

The Wolf King Chapter 15 Release Date

For Manga vision: The first chapter 1, was released on May 19, 2022. Meanwhile, the next chapter 15, will be released on October 1st, 2022, and fans can catch up or read the series on webtoons official.

Where to Read The Wolf King 

Fans can read it on Toomics official. Toomics is a website that publishes comics from all over the world. They have many other manga titles for you to check out as well as The Wolf King.

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