The World After the Fall Chapter 36: What Will Happen Next? Release Date

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The World After the Fall, Chapter 36 is finally coming out on December 1, 2022! It’s been a short time coming. In the meantime, I’m going to give you all a brief synopsis of what you can expect from the manga and then share with you the release date and where to read the series.

In summary, Faced with imminent defeat and certain death, would you choose to run – or continue to fight for a doomed world? When mysterious towers appear across the world, summoning monsters that prey on mankind, this is the choice presented to the Tower Walkers – adventurers with special powers to fight the monsters. On the brink of death, they can choose to use a “regression stone” to return to the past for a second chance, though this decision places them in a separate timeline forever. Stubborn Tower Walker Jaehwan rejects this choice, choosing to fight for the original timeline, and learning shocking secrets about the Tower along the way.

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The World After the Fall Chapter 36: What Will Happen Next?

The main character can’t be contaminated, so he really is the only castle lord who can do anything and still live to see how the changes benefit the future of Chaos.

It’s time to build the army from the defeated. The humans and elves won’t stay complacent for long, and they’ll be back to fight. This time they’ll be better prepared, and we can’t afford to make any mistakes. We need to find an enemy before it finds us; a place with no walls, just earth and trees. An open battlefield where anything is possible. We need weapons that will give us an edge in the new world order of magic and science that has come up in our absence. 

We have a lot of work ahead of us before we’re ready to strike back, but there is one more thing I know that will help me carry on through this mess – there are people out there who still believe in me. However, you may be interested in Lonely Attack On A Different World Chapter 128: Strongest Assassin! Release Date.

Previous Chapter Recap 

The World After the Fall

That audible letter said the ONE thing that would make him wanna do anything for these people. The letter stated the exact reason he doesn’t see these people as human and hates them all. Also, the gorgon could not have chosen a worse leader, because he doesn’t give two shits about anyone here. Lastly, this is a fort? Why do you need a fort? It doesn’t seem like there are conflicting nations; the advisor said worlds can’t attack, so why is it a fort? Why can’t you comprehend “not a fort” residence? I just found out I am  

How much time has passed on Earth while I was down here?

The World After the Fall Chapter 36 Release Date

The World After the Fall Chapter 36 will be released on 2rd December 2022. This chapter is titled What Will Happen Next? and it will explore the future of the post-apocalyptic world. In this particular chapter, we will find out what happens next for Megan, Jack, and anyone else who has managed to survive this long. 

The next chapter will be released on December 2nd. Although I can’t reveal any more details at present, I can say that it is still set within a post-apocalyptic world. We’ll find out what happens next for Jaehwan and Megan and also get to know some of our other characters a little better. There may even be a special treat in store for readers who have been with us since the beginning of bailin and li yun series, although you’ll need to wait until December 2nd to find out exactly what happens! If you enjoyed reading The World After the Fall Chapter 35, please share your thoughts with me on Twitter (@stigtoon). Thank you again for reading.

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