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There is an official start date for One Piece’s Final Saga.

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Due to Oda’s preparation for the last story, One Piece will be on pause for one month from now.

There will be a lengthy hiatus between Jump’s 30th and 33rd issues. The series will resume on July 25th in Jump’s Issue #34.

HOT: One Piece: announced that the series will be taking a month off to prepare for finial saga.

This week, Oda’s editor informed us that some special concept art would be released to build up to One Piece’s comeback after a break named “The Road to Happiness,” which will be shared on the official One Piece YouTube account.

Additionally, he revealed that Chapter 1054 will mark the beginning of the last tale and that the Straw Hat group will be moving on from Wano after that. In Weekly Shonen Jump #34, it will be accessible.

To commemorate this, we’ve created a promotional poster that reads, “To the Final Saga”:

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