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Eiichiro Oda Revealed his Favorite Character in One Piece

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In an interview, series creator Eiichiro Oda revealed his favorite character in One Piece. While he is a big fan of Luffy and most of the Straw Hat Pirates, his favorite one isn’t any of them. Oda’s favorite character is Gaimon, as he revealed in an interview with Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama.

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Gaimon is a former pirate who currently lives as a hermit on the Island of Rare Animals.

There is an official start date for One Piece's Final Saga.

In the manga, Gaimon’s debut is a relatively low-key event taking place between the Orange Town Arc and the Syrup Village Arc, with Luffy and Nami being the only Straw Hat Pirates he meets (as Zoro was too battle-exhausted to go ashore). The anime places Gaimon’s debut between the Syrup Village Arc and the Baratie Arc, incorporating both Zoro and Usopp into the meeting and somewhat expanding the overall story.

News: There is an official start date for One Piece’s Final Saga.

There is an official start date for One Piece's Final Saga.

As a young man, Gaimon was a stereotypically greedy pirate, caring about little more than plunder. This greed slowly eroded (though never completely erased) by his decades of solitude on the Island of Rare Animals, causing him to prize peace and companionship more than any material wealth.

There is an official start date for One Piece's Final Saga.

Although he tried to attack the Straw Hat Pirates at first, he ends up making friends with them after telling them about his past, and they tried to help him get the treasure chests he had been wishing for. However, with the chests empty, Luffy asked him to join his crew, but Gaimon declined the invitation to stay with the animals.

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