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This is why buggy become yonko and not kid or law

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To wrap your minds with this theory we must understand ones person’s entire goal and life’s work, that person would be shanks. We know that shanks’ goal is to have world peace and balance. Shanks has been seen serving as a mediator between world government and pirates

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The gorosei specifically state ‘given who you are’ we cant say given you are an emperor or a pirate because so was whitebeard. The only thing that make sense would be if he was a mediator or a person who was also important to the marines such a the warlords.

A users on Twitter once said, a reaction for buggy and shanks.

The gorosei made time for shanks a pirate before the reverie a massive event held by the government with no extra time to spare. This would only be done for someone important in real life.
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Shanks states he wants to talks about a certain pirate. Many people believe that it is luffy but it isn’t. Shanks already knew big mom and kaido was going down. With the disbanding of shickibukai and the possibility of defeat of two yonkos shanks needed to balance the gap again. Revealing buggy’s secret to the government.
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Revealing buggy was a crew member of roger pirates and possibly knows about the one piece. That’s enough for a bounty push but not a yonko position. The new promotion is from his previous feats streaming the marine ford battle, escaping the battle and possibly defeating the ships sent after him when the warlords got disbanded.

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