Tied to You chapter 31 and 32 Release Date

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Are you excited for the release of Tied to You chapter 31? If you’re an avid fan of this popular web novel series, then you won’t want to miss this update. The author has finally announced the long-awaited release date for the upcoming chapter, and it’s coming up soon. Keep reading to find out when you can expect to read the newest installment in this thrilling story.

In Summary, It’s only sleeping together while holding hands, nothing else. That’s what Shin Wooseo tells himself when a red ring that ties a person to their soulmate appears on his finger one day. Once two people get tied by the ring, they cannot fall asleep unless they’re physically together. However, his destined partner isn’t his long-term friend and secret crush, Kang Jiseok, but rather his older brother, Kang Jigeon! And so starts the tragedy of loving one brother but having to share beds with the other. Although, it might not entirely be a tragedy, as Kang Jigeon doesn’t seem so disappointed about being tied to his younger brother’s best friend…

Will there be any more delays?

The answer is a resounding no. The release date for chapter 31 of Tied to You has been officially announced, and readers won’t have to wait any longer! This new installment of the hit romance story promises to be full of emotion and excitement. So mark your calendars and get ready for an amazing new chapter in this beloved story.

Tied to You

When will chapter 31 be released?

Fans of the romantic manga series Tied to You have been eagerly awaiting the release of chapter 31, and their wait is nearly over! Chapter 31 is set to be released on 5 December 2023, giving readers the chance to dive back into the captivating story. Since its first chapter was released in October 2022, Tied to You has become a fan favorite. The series follows the story of two high schoolers, Kyoya and Aika, as they struggle with their burgeoning feelings for each other and the many obstacles that stand in their way. The last chapter of Tied to You left off with a dramatic cliffhanger that had readers eagerly waiting for the next installment. After months of anticipation, fans will finally get the answers they are seeking in chapter 31.

However, readers should be aware that there could still be some delays before chapter 31 is officially released. It is important to stay updated on any news regarding the release date so you don’t miss out on any of the exciting developments. If you need to catch up on the series or refresh your memory of what has happened so far, you can always read through past chapters online. Alternatively, you can find re-caps and summaries of previous events to get up to speed. No matter how you choose to catch up on the series, make sure you don’t miss out on chapter 31 when it is released on 5 December 2023!

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