Tower of God Season 4: Will There Be a Continuous Chapter? Release Date And more

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Tower of God Season 4: Get well soon, SIU. As much as I hate to see TOG go on another hiatus, we wouldn’t have this god-tier webtoon without you. Your health matters more to us fans than anything, so please rest and recover well! However, the delay in continuing the series is due to the creator’s health issues, and I believe Tower of God will return in 2023 with a new season.

In short summary, What do you desire? Money and wealth? Honor and pride? Authority and power? Revenge? Or something that transcends them all? Whatever you desire—it’s here.

What will Know So Far 

In my opinion, here is what you will know about this series so far: I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that this series has way too much dragging. Imo, its quality has already dropped so much since Hell Train. It’s not easy to maintain a long-running series, and in my opinion, One Piece’s decline is still so much better than this.

Tower of God Season 4: Will There Be a Continuous Chapter? Release Date And more

I just want Baam to beat Traumerei or something. It’s time for the 10 family heads to at least not act emotionless and frigid all the time and actually think about the consequences of stuff happening around them.

I think this competition will allow Baam to steal all the other 13-month series by the end of it. He will not get another opportunity to do this because those princesses despise each other and tend to stay away from each other. Also, I hope Baam challenges Traumerai to a duel to learn some new moves by getting beat up, and if he actually joins the family, he should do the same with the other Lo po bia high-rankers.

Look, I know the art is awful and everything, but the story and the plot are awesome. It does feel confusing in the beginning, and some chapters might feel boring (if you binge read), but my god, I love how the author wrote the characters. They aren’t all black and white and have their own flaws. I love the deep quotes (that actually make you think), and the humor is just hilarious. Sure, the tests might sound complicated and annoying to understand if you don’t really want to think, and sure, there are a lot of characters, and maybe sometimes the humor may be a bit exaggerated, but I would definitely recommend you read this.

Like, there’s zero reason for Baam to allow Lilial to do all of this to him. Cha and Jinsung needing to step in that room to save his ass too? I mean, come on now… Is the current Baam really not capable of doing anything on his own as he did at the start of Season 3? Not to mention, the reasoning behind why he shouldn’t beat her is completely devoid of sense. Traumerei already has a rough idea he’s capable of surviving High Rankers. He even saw him casually wipe Perseus’ reins. It’s not like the result of his fight against Lilial is going to mean anything to him.

I don’t have problems with the power scale; I have problems with the way Baam is treated. I’m not particularly a fan of him or anything, but goodness gracious, the difference between his current self and what he showed at the start of Season 3 is like night and day. He almost looks like a completely different character altogether. Characters being dumbed down for the sake of the plot is something I hate, and it doesn’t only apply to Baam currently. It’s an overall issue that the current manhwa has.

And no matter how I look at it, this new proposal of Baam joining the tournament won’t bring anything good if it’s accepted. If Traumerei accepts this, he’d better bring the most powerful female High Rankers his family can muster, because otherwise, it’s not going to be interesting at all, and it would be like him agreeing to let the Irregular get away from his grasp (something that wouldn’t surprise me really, he’s already been portrayed to be quite stupid and/or bipolar in my eyes). At the same time, if SIU indeed brings rankers and high rankers into this tournament, regulars are hardly going to be relevant, and this to me is one of the potential highlights of this meme of an arc that would be destroyed if Baam were to participate (unless the tournament doesn’t have anything to do related to fights and power).

Tower of God Season 4: Will There Be a Continuous Chapter?

Tower of God Season 4: Will There Be a Continuous Chapter? Release Date And more

This is an official announcement for the series Tower of God season 3 and 4; however, The last update from Webtoon sensation Tower of God was Chapter 485 (or Season 3, Episode 33) on August 28, 2022. Since then, due to creator SIU’s health issues, the manga has been on the longest hiatus it’s ever had, so fans have been clamoring for an update.

Chapter 485 of The Tower of God ends here. When things restart, it’s sure to be incredibly action-packed as the Canine People face off with their mortal enemy. It’ll also be interesting to see how the temporary alliance between Bam and Kallavan unfolds. Since many of Bam’s friends have been missing in action since the beginning of Season 3, they might also make surprise appearances later in the arc. Rachel has not yet appeared at all in Season 3. Hopefully, she’ll be gone a little longer so fans can enjoy some peace.

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