Twin Engine Has Finally Announced A New Release Date For Bucchigire Episode 1. •• Stig
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Twin engine has finally announced a new release date for Bucchigire Episode 1.

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Twin Engine is a studio that is working under the new 2022 anime series called Bucchigre also known as Shine On! Bakumatsu Boys. It was stated on their official Twitter account the previous release date for bucchigire episode 1 has been shifted to 29 July 2022.

According to their previous tweet on Twitter, the staff stated episode one trailer has been published to their official youtube channel, and here is the video in case you missed it.

The theme song, “Ichiban Hikari! -Butchigire-,” by Takanori Nishikawa, was used as an opening video before the show debuted. The opening video’s storyboard and direction will be handled by the film’s director, Tetsuo Hirakawa. The Shinsengumi, a replacement ball, faces off against the enemy in Kyoto in this action-packed film.

some people who don’t understand Japanese normal called the series Shine On! Bakumatsu Boys Anime Series. More update coming soon so stay tuned.

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