Ueno-San Wa Bukiyou Manhwa: Read the entire chapter recap and spoiler!

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“Ueno-San Wa Bukiyou” is a popular manga series written by Tugeneko, that follows the story of Ueno, a genius inventor and president of her middle school’s science club. Ueno is in love with her junior, Tanaka, and uses her inventions to try and confess her feelings to him. However, Tanaka is quite dense and often fails to understand Ueno’s intentions. This article will provide an exhaustive recap and spoilers for the manga, including an introduction, multiple subheadings, and a conclusion. We will also address some frequently asked questions about the series.

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What is Ueno-san wa Bukiyou about?

“Ueno-San Wa Bukiyou” is a manga series written and illustrated by Tugeneko. The story centers on Ueno, a genius inventor in the third grade at her junior high school who also serves as the head of the school’s science club. Ueno secretly falls in love with one of its members, second-grade student Tanaka. Using her eccentric inventions, Ueno tries to indirectly confess her love to him. However, Tanaka is quite dense and often fails to understand Ueno’s intentions, leading to comedic situations throughout the series. The manga has been adapted into an anime titled “How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno,” which aired in 2019.

Chapter 1-5: Desodarant

In Chapter 5, Ueno tries to get Tanaka to smell her feet, but he is resistant to the idea. Ueno reveals her new invention, Desodarant, a drink that covers molecules emanating from the body so that no odor can be detected. Tanaka reluctantly smells Ueno’s feet, and, to his surprise, he can’t smell anything. Ueno gloats to herself about her plan to get Tanaka used to her scent, hoping that this will make him “accept her with his body. However, Tanaka gets a little too curious and starts to smell Ueno’s mouth, causing her to become flustered and punch him. Yamashita comforts Ueno, who claims that she got Tanaka’s molecules in her mouth.

Ueno-San Wa Bukiyou

Chapter 6-100: I-I Umbrella

In Chapter 6, Ueno introduces her new invention, the I-I Umbrella, which is designed to alleviate the need to carry an umbrella around. The device creates a reverse gravity field to repel water droplets away from the user’s head. Ueno places a suspiciously shaped object on Tanaka’s head, which prevents water from being poured on him. While explaining the device, Ueno slips in some of the water she poured on Tanaka, accidentally kicking him in the head and falling onto another I-I umbrella. Tanaka sees Ueno sweaty and red-faced, holding her buttocks. Ueno backs up from him until she runs into a desk, which pushes the button on the I-I Umbrella, causing her skirt to poof up into an umbrella shape and leading to even more embarrassment. Yamashita checks it out for Ueno and finds that the I-I Umbrella is only stuck in her pants.

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People Also Ask

Q: What is the main plot of Ueno-San Wa Bukiyou?

A: The main plot revolves around Ueno, a genius inventor and president of her middle school’s science club, who is in love with her junior, Tanaka. She uses her inventions to try and confess her feelings to him, but Tanaka is quite dense and often fails to understand her intentions.

Q: How many chapters are there in Ueno-San Wa Bukiyou?

A: As of January 28, 2022, the manga is set to end in two chapters. The exact number of chapters is not available, but it is safe to say that the series is nearing its conclusion.

Q: Is there an anime adaptation of Ueno-San Wa Bukiyou?

A: Yes, there is an anime adaptation titled “How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno” that aired in 2019. The anime covers various chapters and inventions from the manga series.


Ueno-San Wa Bukiyou is a unique and entertaining manga series that showcases the quirky and often hilarious attempts of Ueno to confess her love to Tanaka using her inventive creations. The series has gained a dedicated fanbase, and its anime adaptation has further increased its popularity. As the manga approaches its conclusion, fans eagerly await the final chapters to see if Ueno will finally succeed in confessing her feelings to the dense Tanaka.

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