Versatile Mage – Quanzhi Fashi: Recap of all the series and where to Read or Watch?

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Versatile Mage, also known as Quanzhi Fashi, is a popular anime and manga series that has been cruising on the net for fans who have been expecting a review and where to read the series! We have covered everything you need to know, including the recap, so it is best for you to decide whether to watch the anime or read the manga. This is an interesting novel that combines cultivation with magic and a modern setting. It does take a little bit to get into it. I think this story has a fun mc with a lot off good fight scenes.

Our hero, Mo Fan, inherits a magical necklace—the next day, he wakes up to find that the world has changed. His high school now teaches magic, and students are encouraged to try and become accomplished magicians. A world that once ran on science now runs on magic. However, some things are still the same. He still has a teacher who sees him as a hopeless student, classmates who look the same, a father who struggles to make ends meet, and a not-by-blood little sister who can’t walk on her own. However, Mo Fan discovers that the vast majority of magicians can only harness one element of magic. As luck would have it, however, he is an exception—a versatile mage!

In my personal opinion, I would recommend you read and watch both the anime and the manga, as this might also give you a clear understanding of the story, and before anything else, read the recap.

Versatile Mage Quanzhi Fashi

Versatile Mage Recap And Review

I actually didn’t think I would ever read the manga since I used to be an anime only person, but oh my god, the manga version of Quanzhi Fashi is ten times better than the anime version. The story is good, the characters are amazing, and the overall manga is superb. It’s definitely in my top 3 favorite manga of all time. I would even consider this to be my favorite manga, even over Solo Leveling, as it has 440+ chapters on the day that I’m releasing this review, meaning it’s much longer and eye-catching to read since there’s always a few chapters after a week to read. I would suggest reading this with a lot of chapters at once though, because if you read only one chapter at a time, each chapter is somewhat medium length and has cliff-hangers, but definitely one of the best manga of all time. Just give it a chance.

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The main character, Mo Fan, is possibly the culmination of every boring shounen stereotype. His personality is douchey to the point that it really starts to make him unlikable; he’ll act like an arrogant, stuck-up asshole and justify it because people act like arrogant, stuck-up assholes to him. In particular, the rich guys in this manga are completely unrealistic pricks who think that money and status are everything, going so far as to claim that “money is a type of skill too.”

As for Mo Fan’s powers, there’s pretty much nothing unique about him. In a sense, there’s literally nothing that he can do that other people can’t also do. While it may sound impressive that he gains twice as many powers as normal people, this feeling quickly goes away once you realize that this just makes him about as tough as two people.

The powers themselves are pretty boring and standard, mostly just being the ability to produce an element. Leveling up these powers doesn’t really change them much either. Fire just becomes bigger fire, lightning just becomes bigger lightning, lightning, etc.

Versatile Mage recap and review

While this may seem like a nitpick, I found any semblance of immersion completely ruined when characters consistently couldn’t figure out that he was Mo Fan when he put a mask over his mouth and called himself Fan Mo. I guess when the author is stupid, it’s hard for them to write characters that aren’t also stupid.

There isn’t really any sort of overarching story. We mostly just watch Mo Fan try to get stronger and get caught in the middle of random crises along the way.

The art isn’t bad, but it isn’t that technically impressive or unique either. Its artstyle can be found pretty commonly in Chinese manga, which just adds to its forgettability.

It’s hard to comment on the overall quality of characters in this manga, as everyone but Mo Fan is wholly recognized as a side character, with him being the only one consistently appearing over the manga’s duration. Most of the side characters can be categorized into two parts: those super impressed by Mo Fan or antagonists of Mo Fan.

Luckily for this manga, though, it does have a saving grace: tropes exist for a reason. Sure, the manga takes literally zero creative risks or innovations, but if you follow a working formula, you’ll still get something somewhat entertaining.

Overall, there’s not a whole lot that makes this manga feel unique. Pretty much every aspect of it has been done before, and the execution this time for each of these aspects is honestly pretty disappointing. While some series, like Boku no Hero Academia, for example, manage to compensate for their lack of originality with production quality, this series doesn’t have that benefit.

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Where to Read or Watch Versatile Mage?

For manga fans, you can read the series on Toomics or its official website. While anime fans can watch this series on IMDB, Crunchyroll, or Netflix, it all depends on your preference. But for me, I do recommend you watch this series on Crunchyroll in a legal way.

This manhua is really good to read. The main character is weak, but he uses his knowledge from past lives to make him strong. If you read this manhua, I recommend you watch the anime too, because some of the stories in the anime are not in this manhua. And remember to visit stig again.

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