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Vinsmoke Sanji 30 Facts About His True Identity That Will Make Your Day

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Vinsmoke Sanji: I noticed that you are here and want to know everything about Vinsmoke Sanji. Right, well we have got it all covered, so keep reading as this content also includes some theory of Sanji. He is pictured here being completely uncertain as to why he exists. I suppose it’s good for him to join the rest of us, I suppose, but it’s not what you think. These Sanji have no idea what the full extent of the judge’s madness was as well as the hidden secret that lies within Sanji himself. Hello and welcome to the STiG review source for everything One Piece.

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Science wasn’t kind to me, and it certainly wasn’t kind to the VIN Smoke siblings, but at least they got all kinds of strange powers in exchange for every drop of their humanity. Here’s the question: how did the judge exercise said powers? Here’s the answer: vaguely defined science.

But it involves a multitude of factors, some of which we are only just discovering right now in the manga. This wasn’t just Judge opening up the genetic equivalent of a bag of Alan’s party mix. No, he very specifically chose these powers, and each and every one of them was taken from a character in the series that we have met. There’s something extremely special about that boy, Sanji, and the only people who know about it are Judge and me, Judge.

I and you, which would make a judge and me and you, but first this video has been invaded by a wild dog, Flamingo, he says, and is threatening to destroy the channel unless he receives a bounty of one thousand pets. Thankfully, for every person who subscribes as a result of this video, Flamingo will receive one pat. So press that wonderful button and I shall deliver this evil yet adorable boy, Appat. Oh, and you’ll also receive consistent injections of One Piece.

The German Powers, or the biological augmentations of the Vinsmoke children, are not the creation of the judges; the German Kingdom has existed for at least 300 years in one peaceful world and zero years in the real world.

It’s fictional. However, did you know that the German kingdom is still fictional, even in the fake world of One Piece? They are the primary antagonists of an in-world comic titled Sora Warrior of the Sea, which is about a young Marine named Sora who fights against all sorts of evil with his smack-talking robot and trusty seagull. The strange thing is that this comic mimics the current German Kingdom almost perfectly, which is strange because the comic existed long before.

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Every character from North Blue recognizes the German as a result of this comic, including well-known figures such as straw man and Dino Dude, as well as significantly less well-known figures such as Veto from the Fire Tank Pirates, who is only known for two things: gun and tongue, which sounds like quite the erotic Mafia Novella, but Vito claims to have read the Sora comic as a child.

Which is intriguing because he is currently 36 years old, which is a whopping 15 years older than Sanji and, by extension, each EG and the other one, which I go to such great lengths to emphasize because I want you to understand exactly what the judge has done here. He has engineered his children in an attempt to replicate the villains from the Sora comic, kind of like a genetic cosplay, but the strangest part is that the judge also chose to marry a villain.

It’s strange. It’s almost as if Judge is the ultimate fanboy, tying his entire existence to the fiction within fiction that is Sora Warrior of the Sea, which is the one place where I greatly identify with Judge, having based this entire stretch of my life on one piece and all, and if I could genetically engineer a brood of small Zoro zombies and Zoni zonizopas, then I absolutely would, but alas

He actually had the means to bring his fantasy into reality, which leads to our first conclusion being that the judge created the German Powers via extracting DNA from Devil Fruit users I mean, I say DNA. This actually does have an in-world term, which is either the lineage factor or bloodline elements, depending on your translation. It doesn’t matter; it’s all just DNA, and this isn’t particularly far-fetched because we have a confirmed example of this happening in the series 

The elusive Dr. Vegapunk was credited as having replicated the powers of Kizare’s Pika Pikanumi in order to create the laser weaponry of the pacifista as well as serial bungle nuts. He’s a clown. Even having cracked the genetic code for creating the zoan fruit, we have it at home in the smile fruits. So genetic modification spawned by the study of fictional fruits isn’t exactly unheard of. In fact, you just heard it. But how does this impact the VIN smoking well?

But just to be clear, because we always need to be clear. But Raju is not a devil fruit user. She was identified as a fruit user in an issue of One Piece magazine, but that was later retconned by the Vivia Card Data Book, so her ability to suck with two C’s is indeed a genetic modification. Meanwhile, Ichigi’s

Sparkling red is another power that could spawn directly from the study of Kizare’s fruit. Nij finds his electric answer in the gorgo Although his original black can also be explained with the Suki tsukinumi, as for Yonji, he doesn’t really have a special ability. His powers essentially consist of extending his right hand with cybernetic enhancements. That’s it. We don’t even know if he can

And yet somehow, Sanji is still considered to be the disappointing sibling in this bunch, which I think Yonji realized as a child because this is definitely the face of holy crap I am so lucky that this isn’t me being beat up. I’m just going to say it: Yonji sucks with the whole devil fruit aspect. What adds more credence to this idea is that the judge was a close colleague of Vegapunk. In fact, the two of them discovered DNA as part of the same

The DNA research team so judge is fully capable of examining the DNA fruit users and attempting to replicate it within his own DNA, which was then inserted into his wife’s DNA, and that, well, I just made a big old curly brown mess to state the counterpoint. Devil fruits are an easy answer to just about any quest question in one piece, especially this one, because there are so many powers at this point that it’s really not difficult to find a fruit that acts 

In the same way as each of the individual germar abilities, and that’s why we have another solution Magical fruit is great and all, but this is a world where magical powers exist Sans fruit Sans is the Latin word for without, and pretentious is the English word for a guy on the internet who uses the Latin word sense. But many animals around the world, like minks, have abilities that are similar to those of Gemma.

Elektra at face value Nichi’s dengeki blue is almost indistinguishable from his technique. In fact, the only real difference is that Niiji doesn’t have to don his fursuit to use it, and thus he can keep his fursona under wraps. As for Sanji, here’s a bit of a spoiler warning here for anime only watchers. If you don’t like that kind of thing, then please do head to this time or this time wherever wherever it is, but for everyone else, here is why Sanji is such a special

In fact, upon meeting Sanji, Queen had a rather strange sign in the manga that said, “Does a human burn like that? I know you ain’t a lunarian, “which in terms of writing a narrative, can be seen as pretty heavy foreshadowing for some kind of connection here.”

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Sanji’s mother, Sora, in Japanese, literally means sky, so this isn’t just a one-off connection as Sanji was quite literally spluttered out of the Dank birth gate of the sky. Again, this explanation isn’t perfect, mostly because we don’t know of any species from which Raju and Ichigi can get their powers, and the judge may have had a hard time coming across the lunarian.However, then again, King was experimented on during his imprisonment.

So it takes a few degrees of speculation, but Judge acquiring lunarian DNA is far from impossible. However, we do have a third explanation, one that was given to us by Queen during the raid, who had a very strange line when referring to the VIN smoke siblings.

However, Queen appears to be genuinely convinced that the VIN smoke children are mechanically rather than biologically engineered.To be fair, remember our disappointing friend Yonji? Even though his winch powers are obviously cybernetic, we know for sure that cyborgs can copy Ichigi’s form.

In fact, in Chapter 883, when Sanji was a child, he punched dgg.

It even made a bit of a gank, which is a metallic sound effect, and of course, when Yonji was put in his place by Sanji, he essentially needed his face panel beaten back into place like a car. I think the queen was on the money here. The VIN smoke siblings are cyborgs, just not cyborgs as we know them. Cyborgs in one piece are usually big, clunky pieces of perverted Speedo-wearing machinery. The VIN smoke siblings, on the other hand, look more like

Nanomachine lines that are teeny tiny This tiny thing the size of one millionth of a meter could very much be responsible for the enhanced strength, speed, durability, and recovery of the VIN smoke siblings, and this is what the judge knows that nobody else does Sanji is a cyborg. His body, along with the bodies of the rest of the Power Rangers, was flooded with Nano machines. Only Sanji’s failed to activate thanks to his mother’s cocktail of miscellaneous drugs.

Vinsmoke Sanji

The judge isn’t exactly a novice with machine-based science either, given that he was the architect of the raid suits, or was he that since another one of those strange things because the Germans are wearing what appear to be raid suits in the sore comic strip, so they could very well be.

Well, it could have been invented prior to Judge’s Reign, or the judge, like every other decision this man has made in his life, decided to imitate the comic, but what’s strange is that every raid suit, with the exception of Raju’s, has pretty much the same design. I mean, I can just imagine the meeting that judge must have had with one of his engineers on this one. All right, your highness, so that’s five rights to teach, consisting of long pants and long sleeves 

And a cape will actually make that four raid suits So here’s the idea: we’re going to push the boundaries of science by giving her the shortest skirt that science will allow, primarily because I plan on tattooing the number six on both of her upper thighs. Nothing strange. It’s not like I want to see her succulently modified legs. This is more of a branding thing.

If you’re not branding, then you’re not landing. I’ll make that change right away. Also, we’re going to need to see her cleavage. There should be as much cleavage as is scientifically possible. Yep, I’ll add in some science cleavage. Let’s also put some swirly stuff on her chest, something to really emphasize her nipples. You know, it makes sense. I’ll add in one order of science nipples as well as the belly button. We really entered.

We need to see that belly button, so is that going to be like a branding belly button or a science belly button? Neither of these is something for Daddy Judge Judges, like the antithesis of the father who does the old “you are not going out dressed like that.” Instead, he’s more like, “You are not going out dressed like that.” Cyborgs: back to reasonable things. This really is just speculation based on the words of an obese dinosaur, but I actually think

Surprisingly, of the three double fruit species in cyborgs, cyborgs are currently the ones that fit best. Of course, it could also be a mixture of any two or even all three. For example, Ichigi, Ichigi could be a modified light human, Nij, Nij could have some mink up his DNA butt,butt, and YonjiYonji could be a purely mechanical ass clown. But no matter what the answer is, it has fascinating implications for Sanji because his abilities either spawn directly from a devil fruit used by both

He’s either a member of He’s either a member of Luffy’s Brothers, a long forgotten race of BDSM enthusiasts, or he’s just a flat-out cyborg, but as for you, well, you’re still just a squishy old human, so let’s vicariously live elsewhere through this next content because there’s always more to learn, explore, and experience with this wonderful series, so I look forward to seeing you there.

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