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Vivi one piece! This is why Oda Decided to kill Nefertari Vivi

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Vivi one piece, who is popularly known as Nefertari, Vivi is the princess of the Arabasta Kingdom. She is the daughter of Nefertari Cobra and Titi. In my recent past, I wrote about Vivi and Mr.9’s worst moments, which we consider the best fit for you to check out! One Piece fans know why Oda decided to kill Vivi, the princess of the Arabasta Kingdom, so as to keep the series ongoing and interesting to One Piece fans.

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How Old Is Vivi’s One Piece?

She is known by her codename, “Miss Wednesday,” when Luffy and company first meet her. She is the royal princess of the Alabaster Kingdom. Due to the suspicious actions of a man named Crocodile and a criminal organization called Baroque Works, she has taken it upon herself to investigate the matter and try to find out what Crocodile really wants. Vivi was shown after the timeskip. She is now at age 18 and has her hair down freely, but it is a little shorter.

What Happened To Vivi One Piece?

Nefertari Vivi is the princess of the kingdom of Alabasta. While Alabasta used to be a peaceful kingdom, a rebellion began to grow as the people of the country began to think that the king had stolen the country’s resources. She learned, however, that a mysterious organization known as Baroque Works was manipulating the rebellion. Alongside the captain of the royal guard, Igaram, she infiltrated the organization under the guise of Ms. Wednesday. For two years, she worked in the organization and eventually learned that its leader was none other than the Shichibukai Crocodile. Unfortunately, around this time, her identity was compromised, and Crocodile sent assassins to eliminate her. Luckily for her, at the last moment, Igaram was able to convince a small-time pirate crew known as the Straw Hat Pirates to protect her. After accidentally revealing to the Straw Hats the identity of Baroque Works’ leader (thereby putting them on his hit list), they agreed to take her back to Alabasta and help end the rebellion. With their help, the rebellion was stopped and Crocodile was defeated and arrested. Afterwards, the Straw Hat Pirates gave her the offer to join their crew, but she declined as she loved her country too much. Vivi left the crew after defeating Baroque Works to stay in her home country, but has been shown to be keeping track of the Straw Hat’s progress. She also has a major role in the Levely Arc.

Is Vivi Dead in One Piece?

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A short answer is “NO” because the main creator has not officially revealed it yet. This was the exact scene where the creator of one piece (Oda) revealed that Vivi was killed accidentally. After reading the manga and watching the most recent episode, I came to the conclusion that Sabo and Vivi were either captured or Sabo was framed by the World Government for killing Vivi and he was executed. I don’t think they died because Oda never, in a million years, kills two characters at the same time off screen. The world government just said they were “killed”. If the WG tries to execute Sabo like an ace, things are seriously going to turn into a shitshow. It’s going to be the entire revolutionary army against WB. Once Luffy defeats Kaido and Big Mom, and learns of Sabo’s execution, he’s going straight to Marineford. Without a doubt, Luffy will be admiral level after Wano. It’ll be the WB versus the Revolutionary Army and the Strawhats Pirates, including the Grand Strawhat pirates, as well as some other allies. I don’t think Oda is going to pull another Marineford, so I think at the end of the day, Sabo is going to escape with Vivian.

Does Vivi Come Back in One Piece?

Oda himself already considered Vivi a Strawhat, and she asked Luffy to “take her as a friend” if they ever met again. Oda also stated at the most recent Jump Festa that she, Hancock, Sabo, and Shanks will be highly relevant again in the near future.

Vivi has already been counted as Nakama by the Strawhats and Oda. What anyone else thinks really doesn’t matter, and it’s been hinted that she will see Luffy again and that she may rejoin the crew.

While Vivi might have another mini adventure with the crew, she will never return to be a permanent part of the crew because her duties lie elsewhere. However, it is important to remember that, in their heart of hearts, both Vivi and the rest of the crew know that she will always be a Straw Hat.

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