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Water Overflow Chapter 1-70: Every detail! Release Date

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Water overflow is a manga series of two bad boys call Byung-jin and Park Ara living in a single House.

The story started with byung-jin who is 20 year old and a graduated student at the S.U university.

water overflow manga chapter 1

Byung-jim was hire to do part time job cleaning swinging pool environment after the former guy was fired for not doing his job correctly.

Byjung-jim met almost all his graduate students such as yoo dahee, park ara, and noona the Taein girlfriend. The manga is somtime interesting but it it only for mature people.

What is Water Overflow?

Water overflow is a h*nt*e manga futuring the main character noona, byung jin, park ara and so on. That live in one room after their landlord Advice them to stay until the water pool is fix in other flow.

Water Overflow Characters

Here are the main characters:

  • byung jin
  • bada noona
  • Han Teasan
  • yoo dahee
  • park ara
  • kim jisoo
  • byon Taein

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Where to Read Water Overflow Manga

Fans are able to catch and read the manga on hentaimanga and fanfox. 

Water Overflow Release Date

the first release date for Chapter 1 was in earlier 11th November, 2021. While the second chapter 10 – 20 was released the match, 2022. Chapter 68 was released on 3 July 2022.

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