What Disney Movie Has The Most Songs

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What Disney movie has the most songs? This question came up in my office the other day, and it got me thinking about all of the great Disney movies that I have enjoyed over the years! When I was younger, my family had season passes to Disney World, and my parents would take us every year! We went there so often that I started to notice little things that I had never noticed before! One thing that always caught my attention was how many songs were in every movie!

Disney Alice in Wonderland 1951 as it contains 23 songs.

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Alice in Wonderland is a 1951 Disney animated film directed by Clyde Jeronimi, Hamilton S. Lusk, Wilfred Jackson and voiced by Katherine Beaumont, Ed Wing, et al. It premiered in the United States on July 26, 1951.

The story is adapted from the fairy tale of the same name written by Louis Caro. It depicts a little blonde girl named Alice who accidentally falls into a fantasy dreamland and gets to know a group of good friends because she sees a Mr. Rabbit with a pocket watch when she is unintentional in class.

Wonderland Storyline

what disney movie has the most songs

Alice in Wonderland tells the story of how Alice tumbles down a rabbit hole and enters this whimsical new world. She’s quickly captured by the King of Hearts’ soldiers but escapes after talking to a White Rabbit who offers her assistance. Along the way, she meets many weird characters such as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Humpty Dumpty, The Mad Hatter and March Hare, Cat Bus, Cheshire Cat (who can disappear at will), etc. It all leads up to her meeting the Queen of Hearts – only one other character has ever done so before- which changes everything.

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The adventurous little girl, Alice, always had great intentions. Every once in awhile, she would explore her surroundings and try to find the best out of everything. On one particular day, however, this Curiosity led her down a road less traveled- literally. It all started when Alice met a new friend–a rabbit dressed up as a man–and together they went down the hole under some bushes where they came across so many new things waiting for them just around the corner!

What Disney Movie Has The Most Songs

After doing a great amount of research and watching more than 100 Disney movies, we got to know that the most songs from those movies are listed below. Disney Alice in Wonderland 1951 as it contains 23 songs.

  1. 《Main Title(Alice in Wonderland)》
  2. 《Pay Attention》《In a World of My Own》
  3. 《 I’m Late》
  4. 《 Curiosity Leads to Trouble》《Simply Impassable》
  5. 《 Sailor’s Hornpipe》《The Caucus Race》
  6. 《 We’re Not Waxworks》
  7. 《How d’Ye Do and Shake Hands》《Curious?》
  8. 《Walrus and the Carpenter》
  9. 《Old Father William》
  10. 《Mary Ann!》《A Lizard With a Ladder》《We’ll Smoke the Blighter Out》
  11. Garden/All in the Golden Afternoon
  12. What Genus Are You?》
  13. 《A-E-I-O-U》(Who R U?)
  14. 《Serpent!》
  15. 《Alone Again》《’Twas Brillig》《Lose Something》
  16. 《Mad Tea Party》《The Unbirthday Song》《Twinkle Twinkle》《Clean Cup Move Down》
  17. 《Tulgey Wood》
  18. 《Very Good Advice》
  19. 《Whom Did You Expect》
  20. 《Painting the Roses Red》《March of the Cards》
  21. 《Queen of Hearts》《Who’s Been Painting My Roses Red?》
  22. 《Little Girl》《Let the Game Begin》《I Warn You, Child, 》
  23. 《The Trial》《The Unbirthday Song》(Reprise)《Rule 42》《Off with Her Head》《The Caucus Race》


The conclusion to this article is that songs have the most importance in a Disney film. There are many reasons why songs become popular, like being catchy and being ignored by the audience at first. Songs have a very positive impact on a person’s emotions and create an atmosphere of happiness in the mind of the listeners.

After analyzing the songs from the movies, we can conclude that “Alice in Wonderland” has the most songs.

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