What Episode Does Ace Die? A Discussion of D Arc’s Death

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Since the start of One Piece, fans have been asking one question more than any other: What episode does Ace die? This isn’t the first time this question has been asked either.

Portgas D Ace also known as fire fist ace has a significant impact on the history of One Piece. Ace contributed a lot to the plot as the son of the Pirate King and a big brother to the main character and future pirate of King Monkey D. Luffy. To his younger brother Sabo and Luffy, he is regarded as an ideal. Ace recognized the father role in Monkey D. Garp and Whitebeard, aka Edward Newgate, despite never knowing who his father was. In addition, he was one of the Whitebeard pirates’ commanders. However, because he died during the Marine Ford storyline, the character will not be able to see the end of One Piece’s adventure.

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What Episode Does Ace Die?

Ace is a character in the anime series “One Piece”. He is a pirate who has the ability to turn into a fire. In the series article we have detailed and explained everything about the death fire fist ace AKA Portgas D Ace “What Episode Does Ace Die?” he dies and Some 12 Credible Details Of Portgas D Ace was published earlier.

Ace perished in the Marine Ford arc, which lasted 33 episodes from Episode 457 to Episode 489.

Looking for the Answer – Fire Fist Ace Dies on the Battlefield” is the title of the episode in which Portagas D. Ace dies.

In the 483rd episode of One Piece, Ace dies.

What Episode Does Ace Die
Luff crying, Ace death

The episode starts with Luffy, Zoro, and Nami on their way to Marine Ford, Island. They are attacked by an unknown enemy but manage to escape. They then meet up with Usopp who tells them that he saw Ace die in an explosion on Marine Ford.

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The next day, Luffy goes to Marine Island with Usopp and they find out that it was actually a trap set up by Mr. Smoker who wanted revenge for being defeated by Luffy earlier in the series.

Why does D Arc die?

ace die and luff holding him
Luff holding ace death body

Fans were shocked by his death, but there are two major factors that explain why D Arc must die in Akame Ga Kill! if we examine D Arc’s presence throughout Tatsumi’s journey. First, for all intents and purposes, Luff is a stranger in a strange land. He has no friends, no allies; he doesn’t even know what to do with himself most days. That changes when he meets D Arc, who offers him a place to stay and teaches him how to live on his own. Second, D Arc is also an emotional anchor for Nami: after spending so much time being abused by people like Roronoa Zoro (and even Sanji), having someone care about him unconditionally means everything to D Luff.

How does it happen in the manga, and how does it happen in the anime?

Because they want his death and they want to create a sad moment for Luffy, his own brother. There is no reason for that if you ask me. Luffy only thought about protecting Ace so why did they decide to kill him? He is like an older brother to him, he created all those bonds with him and then he had to watch him die after being tortured. Why would he even go crazy if you asked me it makes no sense… How about Sabo Luff Brother.

Analysis of what happened based on story details

This isn’t really analysis, but it does give some context for people that are unfamiliar with one piece. The question isn’t completely off-base, and it is clearly posed in good faith. However, there is something fundamentally missing from any serious discussion of ace Death: if zoro could have been in the scene, some big terrible thing would have happened. There was a point in time when Nami kept her left eye hidden because she had a lazy eye... did everyone think she was trying to be super cool by hiding it? So how can we answer whether or not Zoro is hungry? Well, we can look at his face during Arcs’ death. We know he likes meat (he’s a pirate), so if he seems particularly interested in Arcs’ death then he probably is hungry.

Things that could have been done better

We’ve all heard the story by now. The writers had planned to kill off Ace and Zoro, but due to a sudden outpouring of fan support, but they changed their minds and spared Zoro life. But fans have always wondered if maybe there was some better solution to the problem that would’ve allowed for both deaths to happen in the end. Why couldn’t D arc die instead, but save the Straw Hats from Roger’s curse so that he could continue on his journey with Luffy.

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