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What Happens if your Favorite Show Got Removed from Netflix? See the full Reason

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Netflix fans all right, I haven’t done one of these content in a while. Hi, welcome to StiG Anime by the stream I know we look very different. I am slowly turning into Chewbacca. But I wanted to actually talk with you guys about something that a lot of people, I guess, don’t really know about, and it’s what happens to Netflix shows and films when they just disappear. So Netflix is amazing We all know this, but we also know that the reason is Amazing is because of the wide range of films and television that you can enjoy on a daily basis.

It’s very different from obviously a lot of other content platforms because it doesn’t only make Aboriginal content. But it sometimes has a good chunk of films from a certain distributor or a certain filmmaker. Now obviously, when these new films go up in new TV shows, sometimes you’re known and that’s through Netflix’s own YouTube account or their social media presence.

And that’s because those are the films that they produce and that they make. They have a certain level of marketing that they have for each project and they devote a certain amount of time towards that. However, whenever they bring in new films and TV shows from different distributors or different production companies, they’re not always given the same budget. and you sometimes aren’t always told that the most that you kind of get is usually from the new arrivals 

The section’s new arrivals are the best I go through it at least once a week to try and see what’s new and what’s awesome in there sometimes. I find some cool stuff and sometimes I find some documentaries. I love it too. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s no leaving soon category, which is kind of sad. I usually have to get that information from a whole range of sources before I even decide to pick a film, so what happens when a film or a TV series leaves Netflix?

Typically, this means that every single licensed property on Netflix has a contract, and not every single film or TV show will be available on Netflix indefinitely.So, when you make a queue from my list, you’ll sometimes pick oh, I’ll watch this at some point, I’ll watch this later, and it always reminds me of Homer Simpson’s story about trying to see Mr. T right before he goes into space in Turkey.


I kept saying I’ll go a little later. When I got there, they told me he had just left and when I asked the mall guy if he would ever come back again, he said he didn’t know. Well, I’m never gonna let something like that happen again. Yeah, I feel that sometimes too when I can’t watch my favorite TV show ever again on Netflix. Obviously, what happens is that every single time a distributor works with Netflix, they will have their programs or they have their movies, they will have them on for a certain period of time.

And this is because how those companies make money by licensing their films and TV shows for a certain period of time now usually makes more money through digital sales, such as through iTunes or Google Play. and don’t always make as much money licensing with content platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Stan, or Holo.

So on and so forth, but the main thing to realize is that yeah, sometimes if the films do well and if they’re watched a certain number of times, they’ll be back and that’s awesome, but you should check if these films and TV shows are going sometime soon. The only way that you can actually check on my queue is actually if you go to the website. You can actually see, like I mentioned before, that it has a certain amount of time left.

However, not every single likeI don’t check every single film that’s crazy. I was like what a crazy man does, so what can you do if a film or TV show is leaving? I’m really sorry, other than creating a petition or reaching out to the production company or the distributor, saying hey, we would actually kind of like this show for a little bit more time because we’re such big fans. You know, it doesn’t always help, but it’s kind of nice to have it there

Sometimes these fan campaigns can actually go crazy and actually bring a show back, but it is very rare for that to occur. I think the main thing is that, I mean, I guess you should just enjoy what you have at the time. I think that to give a great example of when you know if a TV show or a movie is coming to Netflix, you can obviously check sites like Forbes and no deadline Hollywood because they’ll actually tell you whenever Netflix makes

For example, right now they have a huge deal with Marvel. If you didn’t already know, not only are they producing original TV shows from all those studios but also they’re going to be a distribution platform for future films. So this means at some point in the future, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 will be released in cinemas and then come to Netflix sometime down the track. Now obviously there will be a period of time between when it is released in cinemas

When you can purchase the film through Amazon or through iTunes or through another distribution platform because they need to make back a little bit more money, although I actually think for that example, they’re probably gonna break a billion dollars, but they still need to make more money so they can continue to make awesome films such as Volume three or Black Panther, and so on and so forth, so when a film or a TV show disappears off Netflix, that’s not your

Fault it has nothing to do with you, it has to do with contracts and timing and money and you know what, if you really really do like the series, I always suggest buying it on blu-ray or buying it in physical media to some degree. Yes, it’s a bit annoying, but I know that I personally have bought literally hundreds of DVDs and blu-rays over the years, mainly because I want to support the creator and sometimes that works out and,

Sometimes it doesn’t, but the main thing to remember is that you should just love the shows and movies that you love so much that you have them I mean, if you want to watch something now or something that isn’t in the Netflix original, watch it now; if you’re studying, definitely do that because the world needs more doctors than it does intelligent people; but if you have the time, maybe watch that documentary about.

We’re all going to vanish one day.I’m Harrison, StiG staff editor by the stream, and thank you so much for reading. Do like and subscribe. Obviously, do check out my StiG on Facebook.

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