When the Villainess Loves: Recap, Review And where to Read

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This is a full recap, review and where to read for When the Villainess Loves manga series. I’ve transmigrated into the body of a princess, living on borrowed time. It’s okay, though, we can cure this illness! My goal is to lead a life where I can do whatever I want! First, I decided to rave over all of my favorite characters in the novel! But, because I am a villainess, people around me tend to be wary… “You will die soon, and yet… how can you laugh like that?” Well, it’s ‘cus I’m super hot.

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When the Villainess Loves Recap and Review

First off, the artwork for this manhwa is beautiful! Secondly, the male leads are essentially just simps. No lie. The romantic cheesiness gets repetitive, but the art makes up for that loss.
Basic summary of the manhwa (spoilers, kinda, kinda not):The reincarnated protagonist is given a second chance at life, but she has to be the villainess of a love story. But it’s okay because she is a major fangirl of the proposed villainess. She was introduced to the new world, but wait, there’s a catch… she has a rare disease that limits her lifespan and makes her cough up blood when a memory of the original villainess is being remembered. The FL makes the goal to survive the original protagonist and antagonist’s destructive path (in summary, their love for each other basically resulted in the deaths and heartbreaks of several characters). So she embarks on her journey… while an enchanting original male leads her along the way. They change their mind on how she used to view the princess (her) from cold and ruthless to warm and genuine (as always in reincarnated villainess FL manhwa). Also, the rare disease plays a role in them opening up to her because whenever she coughs up blood, they’re like “omg no she doesn’t deserve this,” and she’s like “whoop, looks like I’m getting to see another memory of my precious villainess.”So, the misunderstandings become a comedic part of the storyline and add to the romantic aspect.

When the Villainess Loves

Sometimes I think someone could make a spin-off series from this storyline where a person reincarnates as the original protagonist and has to face the female lead. That’s how cheesy it is—which is ironic considering the original protagonist caused destruction because of her obliviousness to those who fell in love with her, yet this female lead is just as oblivious.

Where to Read When the Villainess Loves

Fans can read the series on webtoon. The series chapter 81 is set for release on October 14th 2022 . I love that he still wants to be a good teacher, despite not actually being a teacher. It’s kind of adorable. Also, I’m interested in finding out who the new lady is. She’s really pretty.

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