Where To Watch The Hero’s Return Anime? & Recap of Hero Return

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Hero Return Anime is a great series with a great story for all audiences, and the characters are really great fighters. The series was popularly known as Yingxiong Zai Lin. You are searching for where to watch the hero’s return anime, right? If so, then you are in the right place. This article contains everything about the Hero Return

One more outstanding Chinese Anime. Heroes, battles, and a lot of action made the first episode rather thrilling. I like watching strong characters that are concealing their true selves for various reasons. And it had a funny ending:D

Hero Return Anime Recap

hero return anime

Humanity’s first true superhero was Zero. Numerous other superheroes emerged and followed in his footsteps while he was alive. However, Zero vanished into thin air five years into the conflict. Lin Jie, who had removed his identity as “Zero”, squatted at home and lived in a hurry, but was kicked out of the house and became a one again. A superhero, with the same original intention and a new team, to fight the darkness again! Let’s see how the strongest heroes retire and re-employ, guarding the light and hope!

Hero Return Anime Release Date

The Release Date Hero Return anime is on October 18, 2020 – December 27, 2020.

The anime film trailer was released on February 26th, 2020. The trailer features various scenes from the anime film

Where To Watch The Hero’s Return Anime?

Sites to watch Hero Return include 

  • and 
  • is the best place to watch Hero Return anime. You can find any anime, from old classics like Dragonball Z to newer shows like One Punch Man. If you want to know where to watch the hero’s return anime, then go to

Bilibili is another great website to watch anime online. They have some free shows. Bilibili is a popular Chinese video website just like Youtube.

Hulu has a lot of anime episodes that you can stream for free. But they offer free memberships where you can get access to almost all of their content. So, if you choose Hulu, you will pay to get access to the movie.

Hero Return Full Episode 

Where To Watch The Hero's Return Anime

The series has only 12 Episode with a length of 15 minutes 47 seconds. If intros and outros were added, the anime length would be 24 minutes 10 seconds.

Full Hero Return series from Epi 1- 12

Each episode has a unique diversity plot, which has the following:

Episode 1

The former hero Zero (Lin Jie) was kicked out of the house by her sister to find a job. She defeated the C-level wanted criminal on the road and met Zhan Chen. Dong Xueer went to the scene and Lin Jie ran away immediately. Zhan Chen invited Lin Jie to become a hero. Lin Jie came to the place where the hero was registered and passed the test field. Before the written test, Lin Jie panicked

Episode 2

Lin Jie scored 13 points in the written test and was laughed at by Zhan Chen, and Yan Qing was bullied by a group of D-level heroes. Lin Jie and Zhan Chen stepped in to help, and the appearance of “Scared” Thirteen scared away the D-level hero. Lin Jie and Zhan Chen invited Thirteen to form a team to pull Yan Qing up, because Thirteen was the physique of the broom star and the building of the Hero Association collapsed, and Yan Qing was also seriously injured

Episode 3

Lin Jie and his party were sent to stop the transaction of the criminal gang. The criminal gang released a monster to deal with Lin Jie and his party. Zhan Chen used his props to defeat the monster and a little girl appeared inside. Dong Xueer visited Lin Jie and told Lin Jie and Zhanchen that the little girl was an experiment of the Gene Evolution Company, which had a great relationship with a high-level executive of the Hero Association.

Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12. From Episode 4 to Episode 12, a diversity plot will be added soon

The fellow wasn’t very keen towards wan, but since the first couple of episodes, Lin Jia has become a great supporting character.

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Hero Return Characters Recap

Lin Jie: The world’s first superhero Zero, that is, Lin Jie, after saving the world, had a new reflection on the identity of a hero, thus giving up the identity of zero and becoming an ordinary person, but due to the emergence of the Superhero Registration Act, all parties The forces were about to move, and the world became unstable again. Because Lin Jie couldn’t let go of the sense of justice in his heart, he appeared in front of criminals and villains again. With his arrogant means and powerful strength, he settled one powerful enemy after another, and resolved one sinister conspiracy after another.

Lin Wan: Lin Jie’s younger sister worships Zero very much. But I don’t know the identity of my brother. Good at eighteen martial arts (martial arts, aikido, taekwondo, etc

Lin Mumu: Lin Jie’s adopted sister, a little Loli, has a very cheerful personality. She was once an experiment of the Gene Evolution Company. After she was rescued, she was taken care of by Lin Wan

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