Who Made Me a Princess season 4: Continuous Chapter 126 Release Date

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Are you a fan of the hit webtoon Who Made Me a Princess? If so, you’re likely counting down the days until the next installment of the series. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Continuous Chapter 126, the latest chapter in season 4. Fortunately, the wait is almost over, and the official release date for Continuous Chapter 126 has been announced. Read on to find out more about when this chapter will be released and what to expect from it!

Summary of who made me a princess

Who Made Me a Princess is a popular webtoon and novel series written by Plutus and drawn by Spoon. The story follows Athanasia, a young girl who wakes up one day to find that she is the long-lost princess of the kingdom of Lissentia. When her father, the cold-hearted emperor Claude de Alger Obelia, learns of her existence, he orders her to be killed. But with the help of her loyal servants and the handsome Crown Prince Shane, Athanasia manages to survive and escape the palace walls.

Who Made Me a Princess

As Athanasia attempts to stay hidden from her father, she faces numerous obstacles and challenges along the way. With each step she takes, Athanasia discovers more about her true identity and purpose in life. Who Made Me a Princess is a thrilling adventure that keeps readers on the edge of their seat until the very last page!

Who Made Me a Princess Season 4 release date

Fans of Who Made Me a Princess can rejoice as the upcoming fourth season has been confirmed and is scheduled to air after the New Year’s holiday! The official release date has yet to be determined, but it is likely to be released on or before February 10th, 2023. Season 4 will pick up right where the third season left off, and viewers can expect to follow the same characters on their continuing adventures. There will also be new plotlines and twists that will make this season even more exciting. So get ready for the thrilling next installment of Who Made Me a Princess!

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