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Why are the Marines so weak in One Piece? It has been Explained

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Why are the Marines so weak in one piece? It appears that they are doing well; at least, we are unaware of any victories over them. It is remarkable given the number of courageous individuals and crews who have traveled this ocean.

The ROCK Pirates, who controlled the seas before the Rogers era, existed. They appeared to have been a very strong force, and Kaido and Big Mom were two possible members.

Therefore, the Navy has some really powerful individuals on their side as well, in order to fend against such a wide range of dangers.


We’ve just seen people with inhuman power and attributes such as Luffy, with his rubbery body that negates bullets, Devil Fruits, Haki, and people with abilities capable of destroying a town or a village. So marines are just like real-life soldiers, but when you’re up against someone who can tank bullets and dodge them, as well as knock out ordinary people with their will, those marines (ordinary soldiers) will lose.

During the Rogers Era, Monkey D. Garp and Sengoku were the two most potent marines. Monkey D. Garp was confident that he was the strongest marine (well, we don’t know much about Kong, who was the fleet admiral at the time, so he could be stronger). In the “period of Rocks” 40 years ago, he was given the honor of being called “Hero of the Marines.”

He probably succeeded in taking down the Rock Pirates’ leader.

It is said that he was the one who chased after Gol D. Roger and repeatedly cornered him. He was just a vice admiral, but not because he had the strength to get to the rank of admiral; in fact, he was repeatedly given the chance to accept a promotion, but he turned it down.

Why are the Marines so weak in One Piece

Why are the Marines so weak in One Piece

A short answer is that not every pirate or marine is that strong. I must disagree with what most fans said: The Admirals can easily compete with the Yonko commanders, and the Marines were not put to the limit against Whitebeard.

If they were up against pirates who only have the skill of swinging their sword randomly, they could take them on because that’s who they can scale up to, but people who have trained against beasts and have actual skill on their offense and defense with inhuman abilities such as devil fruit and haki, it becomes difficult for them as they are just ordinary humans. So it’s just that we’ve been seeing people who can destroy towns a lot.

When Whitebeard challenged Akainu, I wouldn’t say he was losing. With a punch that blasted half of Whitebeard’s face off and a magma fist to the chest, he killed Whitebeard.

The Admirals are among the most powerful characters in the series and are named the “Greatest Military Powers” by the World Government because they are not only the best active Marine officers (apart from the fleet admiral) but also the best fighters overall in the governmental system.

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