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Why did Naruto cut his hair? Find Out The Three Facts Behind This Decision

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Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist of the popular Naruto anime series by Masashi Kishimoto, is one of the most memorable characters in the Shonen Jump world. With his short spiky blond hair and big blue eyes, it’s no wonder that he’s considered one of the most attractive anime characters ever! However, there was a time at the beginning of Naruto where fans were shocked to see him with long hair rather than his signature shaggy style.

Why Did Naruto Cut His Hair

Why did Naruto cut his hair

Naruto Uzumaki, our favorite masked ninja, has been featured on Naruto Shippuden throughout the years with many hairstyles. Still, after the last battle with Pain, he decided to cut his hair. Why did Naruto cut his hair? Find out the three facts behind this decision! 

According to Love prisoners lava Author, Naruto is one of the most departing anime characters in history, and it’s a fact that only gets more evident as we see him grow up through all of these years. He started as a troublemaker, acting before thinking and never letting things get in his way.  As he grew older, he had to face some hard truths about life and about himself. After Pain’s invasion into Konoha, he began to question his goals as a ninja: What was really important to him? Was being Hokage really what he wanted, or was there something else?

What was once a boy who craved recognition and was willing to achieve it by doing anything he had to has now turned into a man with a family. His priorities have shifted in life; he’s now married with two growing kids. He’s at a point where he can do things for others and enjoy time with them. Why would he then choose to cut his hair? He wouldn’t unless something delicious came out of it!

Naruto  Plan

naruto long hair and short hair

While many people know that, In recent years, many manga artists have been drawing their protagonists with short hair. Naruto, who is actually a reflection of Masashi Kishimoto’s younger self, was no exception. During an interview with Shueisha and Saikyo Jump in 2012, Kishimoto said he felt burdened by drawing such long hair for so long and felt it would be more liberating to draw a character with short hair. He never thought of him as cool or s3xy but rather cute. Because of that, he believed girls would prefer him as well.

When Kishimoto drew a short-haired young man, he feelt it was easier to draw one with short hair, and he loves people with short hair. And He loves what girls would think about a person with short hair, and also he thought it would be more exciting for girls to think about them. That’s why Naruto has been changed

Naruto was chosen as the main character of the series This part should talk about – Naruto grew up as a character: Initially, Naruto had sported shoulder-length bangs that covered most of his forehead; Kishimoto later decided to lengthen them to emphasize his face because he had not initially realized how large his characters’ eyes were until another artist pointed it out to him.

 But a few months later, Kishimoto got an insight on how to give him a new look. As you know, almost all Japanese people get their head shaved or just to get it cleaned every month or so. That is because it helps one to avoid getting lice in your hair, and it doesn’t take much time either. However, Naruto never does that as long as he can remember…

Why Did Naruto Cut His Hair in The Last   

Naruto wanted to distinguish himself from his father, and one of his ways to do that was by cutting his hair. However, since he wanted to be a ninja-like his father and have a big afro (or giant afro) someday, he cut it short so it’d grow back quick. Ironically, even though he ended up growing out his hair when he became an adult and even sporting a mullet before eventually going bald Naruto never did get that lush ‘from.

Minato, Naruto’s father, and Fourth Hokage had spiky blond hair too. So naturally, Minato also had a signature hairstyle; look at those spikes! As mentioned above in point number 1, Minato Namikaze liked long hair but eventually got tired of looking after it. He chose to get rid of his spiky style because he wanted something easier to maintain, although some speculate that there were other reasons behind it as well.

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Three Facts Behind This Decision

1. The crew at Studio Pierrot and Kishimoto-sensei really wanted to try something new. 

2. There were members of his team that didn’t think long hair looked incredible on him. 

3. Since there are so many scenes where he’s in a fight, it made sense for him to have short hair.

In fact, even Kishimoto-sensei himself agrees with No 3. In an interview, he said: I’ve had my headband longer than anyone else in my class. I guess you could say that length has become a part of my life, but I was starting to feel like there was no freedom left in it at all. So when we decided to make Naruto’s new hairstyle short, The first fact is that they always take the time to assess the situation. Doing so will allow the artist to understand the problem and all of the possible solutions. But i personally love seeing Naruto with short hair.

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