A Heartfelt Andante

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A Heartfelt Andante

in a short discription, A Heartfelt Andante Manga is a new 2023 series create and illustrated by Yoonhee and the manga was first published in Webtoon and the series Will be adapt to anime soon..

In summary, One man’s death led to another man’s salvation. After years of suffering from heart disease, Da-ul receives a heart transplant from young and renowned pianist Yuwon, who has died an unfortunate death in a car crash. Da-ul’s life has been forever changed by this priceless gift, and he pledges to make every second of his life count in gratitude. But when he meets Yeonjo, the woman his donor was deeply in love with, and finds out that she has been living in despair, he begins developing ambivalent feelings towards her. Is it guilt, or could it be something else?

A Heartfelt Andante Characters
at this pointing time will only list the main characters.


A Heartfelt Andante Release

this New manga series was released on 17th January 2023, and fans can read or catch up the manga on webtoons official. I love seeing how things change when they get moved to the originals. It’s just so interesting because it’s like rereading but also not at the same time.

A Heartfelt Andante Reviews & Reaction

For as long as I can remember, I saw black people as antagonists and people with dyed hair as protagonists; otherwise, it was vice versa. good to my eyes. Relief from black and white. (Saeyoung Choii)

Why was this such a visual feast? I feel like I’m drowning in beauty and dark glamour! The main characters are so pretty I’m blushing. (´ ω `♡) I’m intrigued though .. what’s the story here? What made her this way? Is she more of an anti-hero? There’s definitely something going on with the family deaths .. ahh I want to know more about her past! I already can’t wait (Luz)

Going to read it for the artsyle because its absolutely breathtaking. The spoilers in the comment section is kind of concerning me, makes me think the story won’t turn out as good as the art but giving it a try won’t cause harm .(Zoro)

broooo i can’t believe i’d ever see this on webtoon😍😍 My favorite sweet, breath taking, beautiful, amazing, etc. bl🤧 (John)

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