Aoharu Snatch anime

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Aoharu Snatch anime

When the Literary Club was declared abolished due to a lack of personnel, no one expected the turn of events that would follow. Club president, Shiori Sakura, managed to avoid its dissolution by calling out to three students in the club room, not realizing the danger they were in. What started as a harmless joke soon escalated into an act of sexual violence and ultimately, the three of them engaged in an act of depravity, documented in photos and videos. From then on, the three of them were in control and Makoto Niijima, a first-year student, was soon brought into the club without knowing what had happened.

This story serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers that can occur when we don’t think before we act. The consequences of Shiori’s actions have been far-reaching and have had a devastating impact on the students involved. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of speaking out against injustice and not remaining silent. In the face of such horror, it is essential that we take a stand against such acts of violence, and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

Release Date

Aoharu Snatch was released in 2023 and the series is ongoing.

Reviews And Spoilers

The eyeless kouhai sounded like Aoi Shouta. It was quite predictable that she was being gangbanged by the delinquent members, although I couldn’t guess if she was willing or not. The bald guy looks way too old to be a high schooler. 

It was quite demeaning to get her body forcefully used the way they wanted and then leave her n?ked and wasted on the floor with flowing semen and be told to clean up. What scum to gangrap! And so shamelessly did she do it at the school, which seemed so empty that her cries did not reach anyone. 

Highly disappointing, it didn’t show the first rape action and struggle, with it being offscreen, and just showed the aftermath. and outrageous to take child pornographic recordings and do such body writing. Unfortunately, she didn’t show her peeing in detail. Clearly, they just created evidence to get themselves convicted, and there was no reason to endure more to keep the club alive, no? I’m just reading books all the time anyway. 

Exactly why would a literature club have a training camp and go to the beach? And how deserted the beach was—totally only them there. and wore skimpy bikinis, with before that having bare legs exposed when only having the hoodie. Despite being forced, it came from their fingering! What a masochistic pervert’s body! Surprisingly, she hid the fact that it was her being banged.
It’s true that most of the girls in the Ero manga don’t get pregnant. And this is a manga too, so she should be fine, and she did seem fine despite being Nakadashi in the first r?pe and the first part, which I assume is before the beach part?

Her body was not bad and showed off well. Although the movement was quite limited and most of her climaxes had no movement, the body guys didn’t move in most climaxes either, although the semen release was not always in one spurt.


Sakura shiori

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