Apocalypse Live

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Apocalypse Live is a thrilling manga series from author and artist Cho Seok. The story follows a group of ordinary high schoolers living in the city of Damyeong, who are suddenly thrust into a post-apocalyptic world. With the world in dire straits, the students must use their wits and courage to survive.

The main character, Huiwoo, is a typical high school student who loves to livestream her daily activities. However, when Huiwoo begins to broadcast the strange events occurring in her city, she soon realizes that something more sinister is going on. With the help of her friends, Huiwoo must uncover the truth behind the apocalyptic events and save the world from certain destruction.

Apocalypse Live is a thrilling and suspenseful manga series that will keep readers hooked from beginning to end. It’s a story of survival and hope in a world gone mad. With its captivating art and compelling plot, Apocalypse Live is sure to be a manga series that fans won’t want to miss. So tune in before the world ends!

Manhwa Summary

The apocalypse is live. Tune in before the world ends! Ordinary high-schooler Huiwoo livestreams a chain of bizarre events that occur throughout Damyeong City. But what started out as innocent social media activity leads Huiwoo to discover a far more sinister story behind these incidents…


Name: Apocalypse Live
Author: Cho Seok
Aired: 2023 – ?

Apocalypse Live

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