bailin and li yun

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bailin and li yun manga series was created by Jayessart and was first published in Webtoon. bailin and li yun is a new 2022 manga series, and fans are expecting the anime soon, said the creator and his team.

Alternative Titles

Japanese: N/A

bailin and li yun


Type: Manga

Chapters: 17 and ongoing process

Status: Ongoing

Published: June 30, 2022

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, H-M

Demographic:  N/A


Authors: Jayessart (Story & Art)


Dr. Li Yun is doing research in the arctic when he meets a strange, injured creature. This is a collection of very short episodes about their shenanigans. (Updates every Sunday) (source: Webtoon)

Release Date

Jayessart creator of bailin and li yun released the first episode of the series on 30th June 2022 and fans can read it on the official published website to support the author with their teams.


  • li yun
  • bai lin

bailin and li yun Reviews

Here is a review for fans of this new manga series.

He’s beautiful. the merman, I mean. The adventurer is cute as well. (Review by Dominique Edwards)

There are actually bandages like that. They are used by biologists, both aquatic and land-based, for injured animals; the bandage stays on for a certain amount of time, then falls off and biodegrades back into the earth.  (by Adriean)

He’s awfully calm considering he just met and gave first aid to a merfolk. Oh well, he’s a scientist, right? They’re both so adorable, I can’t! ugh, I really love your art style! I just followed you on Instagram, and I think you’re amazing! (by Keekaks)

I just want to say it to everyone! Get ready for a beautiful story. I’ve read parts of it already on their IG, and it’s so well written! I hope everyone loves this story as much as I do in the future! (Review by Miss)


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