Brandon Chen

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Brandon Chen is a young author who was born in 1997. He has written for a variety of mediums, including novels (such as Age of Darkness, Ghost Wolf, and God of War Ares), manga (such as Somnia, Icarus Rising, A Forgotten Melody, and Dodge), and comics (God Game, Xander, Taeiyos).

His efforts, the majority of which are shonen or seinen manga, are inspired by a wide variety of publications. On social media, where he has over one million followers across a variety of platforms, he imparts wisdom on the craft of writing by discussing the creative processes behind the development of his comics and other projects, as well as offering advice to aspiring authors. This motivates many people.

Brandon is excited to show his readers the moving characters and magical settings that he has created in his books, and he hopes to inspire them. He attended New York University and currently resides in the Big Apple after earning his degree there.

Brandon Chen is the man behind Just a Goblin manga series.