Crimson Heart manga

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Crimson Heart manga

in a short discription, Crimson Heart Up Manga is a new 2022 series create and illustrated by Hybe, and the manga was first published in webtoon and the series Will be adupt to anime soon..

in summary, The Unknown, a magical land teeming with blue fireflies, and Refugia, a highly-controlled city completely walled off from magic. One day inquisitive girls from Refugia discover a mysterious old book and a red necklace in a library. Without knowing what is in their possession, they curiously follow the blue fireflies out of the city, crossing barriers that no one has ever crossed before. With the help of the legendary Crimson Heart and a mysterious message, “Break the curse of Blue Firefly Island,” they venture deeper into the Unknown uncovering the secret of Refugia and the truth behind the blue fireflies. What lies ahead for the girls from Refugia?

Crimson Heart Characters

  • Sena
  • Dabi
  • Yojae
  • Joan

Crimson Heart Release

this New manga series was released on 25th November 2022, and fans can read or catch up the manga on webtoons official.

Crimson Heart Reviews

here is review for fans of this new manga series.

A Series About Le sserefim, count me in.
. (by Sunday)

The chicken sheep are actually terrifying, but I love the snake goats; they’re so cute, and since they’re so long, I can actually pat them, unlike the adorable baby goat I fed when I was working in Featherdale because I couldn’t get my leg over the fence. (Review by crystal)

I was just thinking about this and Beautiful Steve earlier today. So excited to see it’s finally here!!. (by tom)


This comic is like a fever dream and I am here for it. ?? (review by Rachel)

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