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Eroriman Anime database, the series was created and released by poro studio. the series only has two episodes at the moment.

in summary, Even though hes a veteran of these dating apps filled with highschool girls looking to make a quick buck, he never expected to see his niece on one! (source: Hanime)

Eroriman Characters

But the main character of the series is Nonomura, however, other side story characters will be added soon.

Eroriman Release Date

The author for Eroriman first released the series on 24th February 2022, and it was later uploaded to anime site in 20th March 2022. furthermore Fans can watch the series on Hanime official.


Eroriman Review 

fans reviews

It’s kind of like Konbini Shoujo, and yeah, I don’t like art. I feel that yellow-haired girls are better than black-haired girls; I like the yellow-haired girl scenes where they get some banana from the sofa. I feel sorry for the black-haired girl; will she be threatened by that video? I mean, ugly bastard recorded everything while they were doing… Even the ugly bastard had time to rewatch and use a USB to watch the scene on television, first episode. (Review by Kaki)

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