Excuse Me This Is My Room Manga

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Excuse Me This Is My Room

Excuse Me This Is My Room, sometimes abbreviated as EMPTR, is a manga series. fans has very few rules on what you can contribute. Stig gives the user full creative license to do pretty much anything they want, subject to the one rule that keeps the wiki alive and well.

Summary: Kim Jinsoo ends up moving in with his personal bully… Will he be able to find love between his bully and his crush?

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What Will Know About The Series So Far

The manga has been trending within the past few years. It has been translated into English and published in North America by Kodansha Comics. The manga tells the story of a girl, Ahn Dajeong, who moves into a new apartment with her older sister, Mari. The two of them live together but Mari’s work as a model causes her to travel often, so it’s up to Ahn Dajeong to take care of the household tasks.


Here is a short review from fans: So far, the story is great. As the story progressed, I started to root for Ahn Dajeong bully to end up with him since she started to develop feelings for him and she truly cares for him even though she was mean to him. I don’t think Kim Jinsoo should end up with his crush since they were mostly friends with benefits throughout the story, so him ending up with his crush would be disappointing in my opinion. Overall, this is a great story that I would recommend. (Review by John)

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