Falling For My Neighbor

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Falling For My Neighbor is a 2022 Manga series create and illustrated by Ake comic.

Falling For My Neighbor

In summary, Yu Xing has just returned for two days when she sees that the man next door is lying on the floor outside her door. Is he blackmailing her? What is this? I consider you a friend, and you actually want to sleep with me! Oh, then you really have good taste! Liu Yu’an Inner OS: Sooner or later, I will show you what an iron man is! (Source: manganato)

Author(s) Ake Comic
Status Ongoing
Genres Comedy – Fantasy – Romance – Manhua

Falling For My Neighbor Characters

  • Yu Xing

Falling For My Neighbor Review

Here is a review from top fans.

Definitely this Manga is worth reading I highly recommend it. (Review by mark)

The art and story is top B, this is my first time reading Ake comic manga series. (By lu bin)

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