Fatal Lessons in this Pandemic

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Fatal Lessons in this Pandemic

Jason, who is reserved around girls, is assigned to teach a bright young student. He has no idea that he’ll also be teaching her other things.

fatal lessons in this pandemic Release Date

20th, May 2021



This is not a poor p**hwa by any means. 100% vanilla lollipop that is unadulterated throughout its entirety

It’s about our main character, who is one of those gym geeks; he’s both incredibly smart and super fit; he’s got a wonderful guy attitude, and he’s liked by most people.

During the epidemic, our main character, a young woman who is preparing for college and needs tutoring, is in need of assistance (she is of age)

The beginnings of a sweet romance emerge, as the plot moves forward.

The sisters are young women who have never been married. In addition, they are incredibly lovely and adorable.

The artwork is actually not that horrible and is very appealing to the eye.

Review by: John lee


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