Gates of Hell Manga

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Gates of Hell Manga is a new 2022 series create and illustrated by Dennis Culver, and the manga was first published in Manganato and the series Will be adupt to anime soon..

Gates of Hell Manga

in summary, Jennifer’s life completely changed after her mother died. Her old cheer squad and ex-boyfriend made that very clear as she fell from their social ranks. It wasn’t until she discovered her mother’s old spellbook that Jennifer got her second chance: to find her mom’s soul, and tell her “I love you” one last time. But when the spell opens a window to Hell; she doesn’t find her mother on the other side- but instead a handsome Devil Prince who may hold the key to unlocking her new abilities..

Gates of Hell Released Date

the series was released on 6th October 2022 and fans can read the series on webtoons.

Gates of Hell Characters