God Of Blackfield

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God Of Blackfield: The myth that is known as ‘Kang Chan,’ from the French Foreign Legion! During the African conflict, his adversaries, who were afraid but in awe of him, referred to him as “God of Blackfield,” which is another name for the God of the black country. Kang Chan, however, was gunned down in the line of duty while on a mission to eliminate Masallan, the mastermind behind SISS, the organization of Sunni supporters. The bullet that killed him came from an unknown direction and struck him from behind. As his eyesight began to fade, he watched as each of the thirteen members of his team, all of whom had complete confidence in him, was murdered one after the other. After being shot by a betrayer, Kang Chan was about to die when he was rescued by an unknown power and awoke three years later in South Korea. He had been there the whole time. However, he was inhabiting the physical form of a different “Kang Chan,” this time a 19-year-old high school kid who was a victim of bullying at his school. The first step in Kang Chan’s mission to exact vengeance on his betrayer and uncover the reality behind his rebirth has just been taken.