Haje Kang

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Haje Kang is the main character of The Breaker Eternal Force series.

The protagonist of the drama “The Breaker” Eternal Force” is Haje Kang. His birthplace was Seoul, South Korea. His father is a well-known performer who has been in numerous films. His mother remarried when he was a little child after his parents were divorced. At the age of 12, Haje migrated to America. After completing high school, he enrolled in college. After two years, he left school because he didn’t want to return home. Instead, he made the decision to join the police force. He became a detective for the LAPD after joining. He was promoted for his diligent efforts. He was put in charge of the homicide squad. He met Yoona, his wife, who was a police officer. They were parents to a boy. They were content in the beginning. Next, their marriage started to break down. Yoona betrayed him by having an affair with her ex.


Haje Kang

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