Hand Jumper

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Sayeon Lee despises Aberrants. They wreak havoc on society with their strange, unthinkable powers. It’s just too bad she happens to be an Aberrant herself! Forced to fend for her life in the deadly Aberrant Corps, she’s determined to make it to the top, and her unusual ability should help her — if she can figure out how to use it in time.

Hand Jumper

Hand Jumper
Type N/A
Episodes N/A
Status Ongoing
Aired N/A -?
Producers N/A
Licensors Unknown
Studios N/A
Source Manga
Genre Romance & Hentai
Duration N/A
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This particular one is very intriguing! The tale is the most important part of it. It is gloomy, and it does not avoid addressing difficult moral questions. It is heavy on the psychology, and regardless of who someone is or what their part is in the narrative, everyone seems to meet their end. Because there are so many twists and turns, it keeps you on your toes! This is an excellent choice for you if you prefer grim tales that examine the “necessary evils” that are a part of civilization. Our FL is initially naive, but as the story progresses, we see that she is gradually becoming more aware of the world around her. It is a really enjoyable book, which comes highly recommended from me!

In addition, the artwork on the cover does not adequately represent the contents. It’s not spectacular, but it definitely pulls you in. Review can be found in chapter 16.

Review By Neko.