I’m the Queen in This Life

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in a short discription, Honey Lemon Manga is a new 2022 series create and illustrated by courtneywirth, and the manga was first published in webtoon and the series Will be adupt to anime soon..

I’m the Queen in This Life manga

in summary, The Etruscan Kingdom is stained with blood when the king’s illegitimate son Cesare conspires with his fiancée Ariadne to usurp the throne from his half-brother Alfonso. Despite Ariadne’s devotion to the new king, her faith is shattered when she is betrayed by him and eventually murdered by her own sister, who wishes to be queen. To her surprise, Ariadne finds herself sent back in time to her 17-year-old self. As she navigates the perils and opportunities of palace intrigue, Ariadne must make the most of her guile and grit to ensure that her tragic future does not repeat itself.

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this New manga series was released on 14th November 2022, and fans can read or catch up the manga on webtoons official.

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here is review for fans of this new manga series.

Thank you for giving us an actual haircut with a fade! Really enjoying this story not only because it’s a good plot going on, but the characters actually look black and the comedy and everything is awesome! As a 24 year old black guy, I always wanted a black Mc as a kid, not a darker skinned character with a different hair color along with long hair. This is so dope to see. (by smith)

not to be a nerd but Medea is a Greek name that would’ve suited the FL much better since she was integral to her fiance’s plans and later abandoned and betrayed. Ariadne was the same, but she eventually found happiness with the god Dionysus while Medea found happiness through revenge and the validation of the gods (Review by midnight -vibe)

Similar to The Remarried Empress? CHECK! Loosely akin to the lust for power seen by this prince and the crown prince in your throne? Check! Studious detail given to the loss of the ring finger. Check! Exquisite detail to the eyes of Ariadne and her various emotions? Check! Hungry for more? Treachery, Lovely art, and intriguing story. Absolutely! Keep them coming please! (by chopper)


Such an entertaining cliché of the old rich wise man giving riddles. Have I mentioned I love mysteries?? (review by Raven Allistair)

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