Isekai Yarisaa

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Recap of the anime A hook-up group of five young students has always used one “trick” in their world to get women to sleep with them: alcohol. They always bottled up the ladies in order to make them defenceless and horny. They could then exploit this state to do anything they wanted with them. They have died in an accident and have been teleported to another world, where they meet a cheeky female warrior. It is undeniably certain. She is going to be their first victim to see whether this trick also works in this world. And indeed, it works! With the priestess Elena, the archer Kirie, and the mage Sonia, the next targets for the “trick” are chosen as well. However, these three ladies will not be the last victims

The character Isekai is the protagonist of the Anime “Yarisaa” series. She is a high school student who lives in a school Campus and has a bright personality. She is also kind and caring.

Isekai Yarisaa

Isekai Yarisaa 

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: To Waist

Apparent Age: Teen (23- 26)

Voice Actor: N/A

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