Just a Goblin

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Just a Goblin is a new manga series created and illustrated by Brandon Chen and Inuupen, and its official website is webtoon.

Just a Goblin


Over the course of many centuries, adventurers have killed creatures for the thrill of the kill and sought goblins for their body parts as well as their linens. However, why? This is the question that Nog, the inventor goblin, has been attempting to find an answer to. After unknowingly activating an arcane power that enables Nog to “level up” and increase his strength, Nog finally finds the courage to go in search of the solution to the mystery he has been grappling with. Nog and his best friend Gubble are about to embark on a dangerous journey across the world in order to find out the reason why humans pursue goblins. Is coexistence between monsters and adventurers even possible? (Rewrite)

Alternative Titles

Japanese: ただのゴブリン

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Type: Manga
Volumes: 5
Chapters: 5
Status: Ongoing
Published: September 14th, 2022
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Demographic: Brandon Chen
Serialization: Brandon Chen
Authors: Brandon Chen (Story & Art)
Gubble Nog

Wow, the manga was so good. The art style is extremely charming, and the end of the first chapter leaves an interesting hook that pulls me into the world. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and for a webtoon, I’ve never really had this feeling. It felt like I was reading a shounen anime, and I think that’s going to be what makes Goblin stand out from the rest of the webtoons that I read. (Review By Jae50XD).

What a great comic and premise:) This is probably a personal preference thing, but seeing the adventurer’s UI thing really lowered the stakes for me since now the world feels like it’s taking place within a game and the main characters and friends are just AI/NPC code. I really enjoyed the “inventiveness over brute force” theme though! (Review By ArimoG).

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