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Katarina, the daughter of General Du Couteau of Noxus, is a cunning and lethal assassin. She has trained her entire life to become the perfect killer, trained by the finest assassins in Noxus. Her father, a master assassin himself, has high expectations of her and insists she complete her mission before any other things.


Katarina’s mission is to infiltrate Demacia and take out its ruling families. This task is of utmost importance to Noxus and her father, as it could lead to a major shift in the balance of power in Valoran. However, Katarina has her own reasons for wanting to complete this mission and prove herself to her father. She knows that if she succeeds, she will finally be able to be respected by her father, something she has longed for her entire life.


Katarina must choose between her mission and her own instincts. Will she be able to stay true to her mission or will she be forced to betray the Master of Assassins and go against the will of her father? One thing is for sure, Katarina is a force to be reckoned with and her mission is sure to have a lasting impact on the fate of Valoran.

Manhwa Summary

The kingdom of Demacia is in chaos! While the Great City has its focus on Sylas and his mage rebellion, a cunning, redheaded assassin, Katarina, lurks in the shadows. Focused on executing the most dangerous mission of her life, she hopes to finally live up to her father’s impossible expectations. However, when she is forced to choose between the mission and her own instincts, will she have to betray Noxus’ Master of Assassins?