Life with Mia

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Life with Mia manga series was created by Team Biyam and was first published in Toomics. Life with Mia is a new 2022 manga series, and fans are expecting the anime soon, said the creator and his team.

Life with Mia


The start of a dangerous new life with my ex-girlfriend’s sister. (By Toomics)

Alternative Titles

Japanese: Life with Mia

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Type: Manga

Chapters: 9 and ongoing process

Status: Ongoing

Published: August 7th, 2022

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, H-M

Demographic:  N/A


Authors: Team Biyam (Story & Art)

Release Date

Team Biyam creator of life with Mia released the first chapter of the series on 7th august 2022 and fans can read it on the official published website to support the author with their team.

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