Maru is a Puppy

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Maru, a poodle mix who was 5 years old and owned by Woori, has transformed into a human young girl who is also 5 years old! Now that Woori has taken on the role of big sister, she is responsible for ensuring that Maru stays out of mischief. Being human Maru has the same boundless curiosity and fun spirit as a puppy, but now she is old enough to attend to kindergarten, enter grocery shops, and — get this — grip objects with her opposable thumbs. Being a human is the best!

Maru is a Puppy Review

Woori’s 5-year old poodle mix, Maru, has turned into a human — a 5-year old little girl, that is! Now Woori’s gone from pet owner to big sister, and it’s her job to keep Maru out of trouble. Human Maru has the same endless curiosity and playfulness of a puppy, but now she can walk into grocery stores, go to kindergarten, and check this out — hold things with her opposable thumbs. Being human rules