Romantic Graffiti Manga

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Romantic Graffiti is a unique, heartwarming manga that takes the classic boy-meets-girl story and turns it on its head. It follows the unlikely love story of Do-yun and Jiwon, two opposites who find themselves inexplicably connected. With a touch of magical realism, the series delves into the complexities of love and how it can change people.

Do-yun and Jiwon’s relationship is far from easy. Jiwon is a popular and attractive student, while Do-yun is a clumsy, socially awkward nerd. Despite the differences between them, the two share an undeniable chemistry. As the series progresses, their relationship develops from one of rivalry to one of mutual understanding and respect.

Romantic Graffiti’s artwork is vibrant and expressive, with an emphasis on the characters’ emotions. Do-yun and Jiwon’s feelings for each other often take center stage, and the artwork captures their emotions perfectly. The series also features a great cast of supporting characters, including Do-yun’s quirky friends and Jiwon’s intimidating rival.


NAME: Romantic Graffiti
AUTHOR: Bamsik
AIRED: – 2022 – ?

Romantic Graffiti Manga

Romantic Graffiti Characters

  • Do-yun Lee
  • Jiwon Woo
  • Jiwon

Manhwa Summary

There’s nothing more shocking than your crush turning into a meaningless doodle you scribbled in class. That’s what happened to normal college student Do-yun Lee, who has feelings for his handsome roommate Jiwon Woo. One day, Do-yun confesses to Jiwon, who doesn’t exactly respond the way Do-yun had hoped he would. The heartbroken Do-yun draws an “ugly” version of Jiwon, and when he gets home, he’s stunned to find Jiwon looks exactly like his drawing. To end the unexpected curse, the two will have to face chaotic obstacles – and their undeniable attraction to each other. (Source: Webtoons)


(This is a review from fans) Romantic Graffiti is a charming and delightful manga that is very involved in a classroom student Jiwon Woo and Jiwon. furthermore, the artwork is superb.