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Sei Dorei Gakuen 2

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Saint Orchis Academy is a prestigious boarding school where children from prominent families enroll. This school is mostly dominated by women… but soon there will be an uprising.

Sei Dorei Gakuen 2

The esteemed Higashizuma family established Women’s Academy St. Orchis during the Edo era. The Academy has maintained its reputation among the feminine sex despite the practice of co-education in recent years. However, there have long been tales of a certain “Nishikiya Family” who surreptitiously raises the most desirable sex slaves for illustrious politicians and various nobles on the premises of the educational facility.



Type OVA
Episodes 2
Status Finished Airing
Aired Feb 11, 2022 to Jul 29, 2022
Producers Mediabank, Gold Bear
Licensors Unknown
Studios Anime Antenna Iinkai
Source Visual novel
Genre H2ntai
Duration 28 min. per ep.
Rating Rx – H2ntai