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Spellward Bound manga

in a short discription, Spellward Bound Manga is a new 2022 series create and illustrated by DuneDeca and the manga was first published in Webtoon and the series Will be adupt to anime soon..

In summary, Mateo’s greatest dream is to travel the stars as an astronaut, but a magical mishap in a supply closet throws him into a world fantasy. There, he can take on the forms the magical denizens and use their powers, but at the price of slowly weakening his sole connection to earth: his humanity. Mateo must find a cure for his magic before he’s trapped in a realm without electricity for good!

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Spellward Bound Release

this New manga series was released on 22th December 2022, and fans can read or catch up the manga on webtoons official. I love seeing how things change when they get moved to the originals. It’s just so interesting because it’s like rereading but also not at the same time.

Spellward Bound Reviews

For as long as I can remember, I saw black people as antagonists and people with dyed hair as protagonists; otherwise, it was vice versa. good to my eyes. Relief from black and white. (Saeyoung Choii)

I hope she doesn’t accept him in the end cause it’s so stupid when they go back to the bad guy (Luz)

I’ve always hated how otome games often have homewrecker MCs, so I’ve been super glad that in the past several years, many of the villainess stories have pointed out that it’s absolutely bonkers that they just rush in and go for a taken guy and that the guy is super gross for cheating on his significant other just because the side chick happens to be main character-chan.(Zoro)

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