The Celebrity Queen Manga

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The Celebrity Queen Manga

In the world of celebrity, there are always new contenders that rise to fame. But what happens when they fall from grace and become “has beens”? This is the story of one such celebrity, who has fallen from being a top star to being an outcast in society. Follow her journey as she tries to regain her fame through a variety of antics and schemes.

The Celebrity Queen of Chapter 1 Recap

The Celebrity Queen: Previous Chapter Recaps: Chapter  1, the ladies had a great time at their retreat, and now they are all anxious to get back home. They are so glad that it is over. Crystal is not sure if she did the right thing by leaving her husband in Vegas. She is hoping that he will be there when she gets home. Well, I could not really blame her for that either, but hopefully her husband got his act together while she was away and will be sober when she gets home. It seems to me that the only reason he was acting out was because Crystal had been ignoring him! When they arrive back in Atlanta, all of the ladies are eager to get to see their husbands again. In fact, they have brought gifts for them as

Released Date

The series was released in 2022.


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