The Tyrant’s Comfort Doll

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The Tyrant’s Comfort Doll ia original name of manga series by Baek Yideum, Yeonjoo.


Legend has it that a man with black hair and red eyes will bring ruin to Den Helder’s royal family. Because he was born with these features, Rayton is shunned by the palace as “the cursed one.” When the vengeful prince stages a bloody coup detat years later, the powerless youngest princess, Setz, also dies by his sword. Little does Setz know that she’s about to wake up in her body five years in the past– but now that she has, it’s her chance to get on Rayton’s good side and turn her fate around. Cracking the prince’s cold exterior is a challenge, but once she does, there seems to be no going back! As Rayton grows more and more attached to her, Setz is pulled deeper into the midst of the dark conspiracies brewing around the palace. Has the princess truly escaped death, or is she in more danger than ever before?

The Tyrant's Comfort Doll

The Tyrant’s Comfort Doll Information

Alternative Titles

Japanese: 暴君の慰安人形

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Type: Manga
Volumes: season 3 ongoing
Chapters: 51 and ongoing
Status: Ongoing
Published: September 14th, 2021
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Demographic: Baek Yideum
Serialization: Baek Yideum
Authors: Baek Yideum (Story & Art)



My favorite kind of manhwa to read is the one described here. I especially admire male leads that are icy and unyielding owing to the circumstances of their birth, but who will gradually soften to the efforts that the female lead does to come to know them. Mwah, simply 10/10.

At this point in the story, chapter 10, there isn’t much going on in terms of the plot or the material. The author is obviously establishing the groundwork for the novel, and he or she is gradually bringing the two main characters, a male and a female, into a more intimate relationship with one another. I enjoy how the male lead is brave while also being nice, and how the female lead is crafty while yet being truthful; these characteristics complement each other really well.

The artwork is stunning, and the story appears to be heading in an interesting direction. I am looking forward to reading this manhwa! A couple of exiles who are cursed to be a part of a world that despises them – mmm, the spice in this is really lovely. (Review By Abeeli).

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