Tian Yun

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Tian yun

Tian Yun (TI任意の国連) is the main character of the crazy leveling system, Tian is the younger brother of Shi Xue Yun and Alice. He has been interested in fighting since he was little. His father would forbid him from taking part in the training sessions, but he still continued his interest.. He has been following in his parents’ footsteps, becoming a famous warrior. He grew up being taught how to defend himself and eventually joined the Heavenly Palace army after graduating high school. He met King Lord through them, and they joined his school, and they became his partners. As he grows up, he learns that he can’t become a warrior simply because he was born into a powerful magic kingdom.
The name Tian Yun literally means “the King of Palaces.” In this case, it refers to Tian’s magic thunder. He is known as the protector of the sky and the ruler of the clouds.

Appearing: Crazy Leveling System
Character Age: 19
Height: 6.5
Sex: Male
Color: Black


Tian yun

Tian crazy leveling system

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