To Face the Tiger

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To Face the Tiger is an intriguing story about an unlikely pair of characters – Baekseon, a Sangun/god, and Jaechun, a mountain girl with magical powers. This story follows Baekseon and Jaechun on their journey to face a mystical creature, the Tiger. While they don’t fully trust each other at first, they eventually come to a mutual understanding and rely on each other’s strengths to battle the Tiger.

The story is full of vivid imagery, as the duo trek through the mountains and bravely face the Tiger. As they battle this creature, they must also battle their own inner fears and doubts. They must confront the secrets they’ve been keeping from each other, such as Jaechun’s hidden desire to take Baekseon’s skin.

To Face the Tiger

This story is full of suspense and adventure as the reader follows this unlikely pair in their quest to face the Tiger. It’s a story about trust, courage, and friendship, as Jaechun and Baekseon come to rely on each other to battle the Tiger. To Face the Tiger is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats!

Manhwa Summary

This story is about Baekseon, a Sangun/god that rules over the mountain, and a mountain girl named Jaechun who has magical powers. On their journey, Jaechun serves Baekseon as her master, but secretly covets Baekseon’s skin at the same time. Although they don’t fully trust each other, they are both after a special leopard, a mystical creature that seems to take away people’s lives…