Ufitpay is a scamming Company

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Good day, guys. I want to share with you guys my experience with this company ufitpay. I plan to use them for my business API. But the worst thing is that UfitPay is the most scamming company I have ever seen.

Whenever I  fund my account, they will not credit me. I received payment from my merchant, but UfitPay refused to credit me. Later, they told me to contact their payment gateway. I don’t know their payment gateway, and second, I have no business with their payment gateway. Why am I supposed to contact them?

They restrict my account. When I placed a chargeback, they told me to go and withdraw. I withdraw my chargeback; they refuse to refund my money, credit, or unstrict my account. This is very bad.

Second, when you purchase a service using their API, they will not deliver the service, but they will deduct your money from your wallet. You will keep contacting them for every transaction.

I have contacted them and even visited their office, but they have not given me a solution. My advice is to run if you want to use them for business.